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Giveaway Contest- The Secret and The Law of Attraction
Monday, April 02, 2018
New Romance Series With Heart and Heat

Are you aware of the power of your mind?I was using the power of my mind, and the so-called “Law of Attraction” before I ever knew it had a name. I’m a writer, and my imagination has always been my best friend. It helped me cope with tough times in my life, and looking back, I can see how it helped to shape my experiences. I have consistently visualized and wrote about the circumstances and experiences I desired, and I can honestly say, most have come to fruition.It’s A Real ThingI first wrote about the movie “The Secret” and the Abraham-Hicks books on the Law of Attraction in a previous blog post, but to summarize, they both explain what the ...

Book Review- Real-Life Account of a WW2 Tail Gunner
Wednesday, March 07, 2018
New Romance Series With Heart and Heat

Ever wonder what it was like be on one of those bomber planes in World War Two? Not the Hollywood version, but what it was really like to go up against the Luftwaffe, say, maybe fifty times?The book Tomorrows Promise will give you a first-hand account of that and so much more.For young Ed Kofke, joining the United States Air Force at the tender age of eighteen seemed like an adventure. He kept a detailed diary of his experience, from the day he left home until he finally returned years later. He directed the entries to his future children, and that served to make the record of his experiences even more personal and engaging.I was given a copy of the book because I know one of his sons ...

What To Do If Your Characters Won't Talk
Thursday, February 08, 2018
New Romance Series With Heart and Heat

Is there a “right” way to communicate with your characters?I pondered this question late one night when I couldn’t sleep (the places a mind can go at three in the morning!) The topic was on my mind due to a Facebook discussion, where an author was concerned she had a problem because her characters wouldn’t “talk” to her. She had heard other authors say they had regular and vivid conversations with their characters, and she felt left out because she didn’t.Many in the responses assured her she wasn’t doing anything wrong. Several authors, myself included, said their characters don’t communicate with them like disembodied entities. The ...

Meet Mark Tiro- Author of Implicit, Soul Invictus
Friday, January 12, 2018
New Romance Series With Heart and Heat

Did you ever read a novel that stayed with you for days, months, even years afterward? That went way beyond merely entertaining you, and changed your life?An intriguing, gripping plot, and relatable yet interesting characters are the hallmarks of a good novel, in any genre. But when a story unfolds in such a way as to take you along with it, and literally change your perceptions not only of the world, but of what life on this earth really means? That is another experience altogether.An Impressive DebutAuthor Mark Tiro began writing because he loved books like that—and he wanted to contribute to the expansion of reader’s minds, as well as to entertain them. After studying ...

Goodbye, 2017—It Was A Strange Year
Thursday, December 28, 2017
New Romance Series With Heart and Heat

 As 2017 winds down, I can’t help but think about how strange it was. For me, personally and professionally, it was a year when everything got turned upside down or thrown out completely. And somehow, it all turned out to be for the better.No Status QuoI used to study Astrology when I was younger—mostly for fun and to satisfy my curiosity. I wonder if there was some type of weird planetary alignment this year, because it sure felt like outside forces were at work. For example, every holiday this year, my husband and I just couldn’t bear the idea of doing the same thing we’ve done for the past eight years. We went to a different restaurant for our anniversary. We ...