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When Your Novel Is More than Just A Story
Saturday, August 31, 2019
When Your Novel Is More than Just A Story

“Write to market”, they said. “Your books will sell better”, they said.Most of the time, that’s good advice. I took it to heart when writing my latest contemporary romance series, the Love Grows series. However, I did have some reservations. They were concerning, even though they were more rhetorical than factual.Would a story written to fit a certain genre feel contrived?Would “hitting the buttons” or the “checklist” of a genre or trend suck all the creativity out of the story?Did I risk targeting a trend that has already passed? Such are the burning questions which keep authors from sleeping.Despite my initial reservations with ...

Featured Interview- Romantic Suspense Author C.F. Francis
Tuesday, February 19, 2019
When Your Novel Is More than Just A Story

“Welcome to the tropics, where the weather isn’t the only thing that’s HOT!!”That’s the introduction you’ll find on the website of C.F. Francis, an up and coming author of steamy, suspenseful romance. And judging by the reviews for her first two novels, her latest book, Explosive Touch, is bound to be a must-read.Ms. Francis is a native Floridian, who loves mystery, suspense and a romance. Her novels include all three and are set primarily in beautiful Southwest Florida.  The stories tell the tales of a team of Special Forces men who get into as much trouble off the field as they do during deployment.I had the pleasure of talking with her recently to ...

New Romance Series With Heart and Heat
Sunday, December 16, 2018
When Your Novel Is More than Just A Story

It’s always exciting to release a new book, but even more so when it’s the first in a brand-new series. I’ve had the idea for the Love Grows series in the back of my mind for a few years now, and on January 8, 2019, I can finally share my vision with you.The Love Grows SeriesThe theme of this series ties in with my author tagline, which is, “Love Grows in Unexpected Places.” I love hearing how couples met, don’t you? Especially when there is some element of fate. Call me crazy, but I still believe in love that was meant to be.If you like stories with strong, protective heroes, feisty, independent heroines, plenty of emotion and a good dose of heat, then ...

How to Stay Organized While Writing a Series
Saturday, October 20, 2018
When Your Novel Is More than Just A Story

Whether you begin writing with the idea for just one story or have the entire series of books pre-planned in your head, it’s best to be organized from the start. Keeping track of important details from the outset will pay dividends in the long run, saving you precious writing time and mental effort.I’ve written a three book series (the Higher Elevation Series), and am currently working on two other series (One is a Contemporary Romance, the other is Fantasy Romance). I’ve curated a method that works very well for me. While it is true that every writer must use the process that works best for them, some or all of what I describe here may be useful to you. There is no one ...

Why I Choose to Write Romance
Monday, August 20, 2018
When Your Novel Is More than Just A Story

“So, you also write romance? Well, I guess you have to eat.”Condescending much?I regret that when another author made that comment to me, I let it slide. We met online and decided to swap newsletters, since our work had some themes in common. We exchanged several pleasant emails, did the newsletter swap, and then he disappeared. I don’t know why we stopped communicating, but his initial comment still bothered me several months later.Here We Go AgainThere have been countless articles and posts written about the unfair bias against the romance genre, so I won’t rehash any of those here. But yes, it ticked me off when another author implied that romance as a genre was ...