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Is Silver The New Grey? Older Heroes & Heroines in Fiction
Monday, May 01, 2017
Is Silver The New Grey? Older Heroes & Heroines in Fiction

There’s a growing trend in fiction, and it’s not grey, but almost. Silver is in, with older fictional heroes and heroines (not in their twenties) in romance novels, and even in some other genres, too. Which makes sense when statistics show a significant portion of readers who read books regularly are women, and over the age of fifty-five, as shown in this recent Book Bub study. Many readers enjoy stories with characters who are more like them, who have more life experience and are facing problems and challenges they can relate to.Several social media pages or groups have emerged to provide a place for those interested in reading or writing romances featuring mature or ...

Interview With Lexi C. Foss- Two Debut Series
Tuesday, April 04, 2017
Is Silver The New Grey? Older Heroes & Heroines in Fiction

I am very excited to feature a debut author here on my blog. Her name is Lexi C. Foss, and I’m predicting she will be a well-known author in no time! She debuts in May 2017 with not one, but TWO new series, and already has the interwebs abuzz. Her paranormal romance, Blood Laws, and her Contemporary Romance, The Prince’s Game, will both be released in May 2017. Lexi took time out of her ultra-busy release schedule to tell us a bit more about her herself and her exciting new releases.Welcome, Lexi! It’s unusual for an author to debut two separate series at the same time, so tell us how that came about.I’m still debating if this was a good decision, or one made in a ...

Authors- Five Tips For The Book Promotion Phase
Thursday, March 30, 2017
Is Silver The New Grey? Older Heroes & Heroines in Fiction

You finally published your book, and holding it in your hands for the first time is such a thrill. Mission accomplished! Right?Yes. You should enjoy it, savor it, and bask in the attention. Because the next phase of authorship, called The Promotion Train, is about to leave the station on the 13 ½ platform and you’d better be on it!Promos, Promos, Everywhere!Once you have your books in the marketplace, your work has just begun. Ideally, your promotion efforts   should begin way before your first book is published, but that’s a whole other post. If you are traditionally published, this may also apply to you, because most publishing houses won’t do all the ...

Paranormal Investigator Interview- A True Ghost Hunter
Tuesday, March 14, 2017
Is Silver The New Grey? Older Heroes & Heroines in Fiction

Have you ever wondered what a Paranormal Investigation is really like? Are the ones you see on television and movies close to reality or are they exaggerated? I sat down with Paranormal Investigator Brandon Keeler of He'iau True Ghost Hunters, and we had an interesting conversation. Since I often write about the supernatural (ghosts, psychics and witches) in my novels, I was personally excited to find out what PI work is all about.How long have you been performing paranormal investigations? I’ve always had a love for the paranormal. My first real investigation was when I was 21. There was an old house down the road from my girlfriend’s house, which had burned down. I asked her ...

Switching Gears Without Derailing- New Series Coming Up!
Thursday, March 09, 2017
Is Silver The New Grey? Older Heroes & Heroines in Fiction

Ever have to switch gears so rapidly your head is spinning?  That’s where I am now, and it’s nerve wracking, but also a lot of fun.  I’m finding that growing as an author means adding layers, by branching out and trying new things. It’s also learning how to discern which opportunities are the right ones to take advantage of.Times are tough for indie authors right now, but they are also fantastic. As I mentioned in an earlier post, discoverability is the Holy Grail. There are so many books available, and tons more being added in a constant stream, that the admirable accomplishment of publishing a professional, well-written story is just the first step ...